We provide comprehensive solar maintenance services to ensure your system is always working at full capacity.

Maintenance benefits

These are some of the key benefits provided by our maintenance services.

Performance checks

We test your panels periodically to make sure they are working at full capacity.

Parts repair

We review all components to identify and fix any damaged or eroded parts.

Cleaning services

With regular panel cleanings, your system receives maximum levels of sunlight.


roof repair

In order for your solar system to work at full capacity, it’s essential to keep your roof in good condition. We conduct meticulous roof inspections, and repair any worn areas or leaks. 

squirrel damage repair

Squirrels are a common cause of solar panel damage. As tree dwelling creatures, roofs have become part of their urban habitat. We inspect your panels for any squirrel damage, and provide needed repairs.

general parts repair

Our solar panel performance testing includes a thorough inspection of the major components that make up your system. These include the mounting system, individual modules, array cabling, conduits, and DC isolators. Should we find any corroded, damaged, or defective parts, we will immediately replace them.


For solar panels to take in maximum sunlight, their surface needs to be as clean as possible. As part of our comprehensive maintenance services, we offer periodic cleanings for your solar panel surfaces. It’s an easy and low cost way to keep your system working at full capacity. Moreover, it’s a relatively quick process.

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